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One network for the life science community

It enables the joint use of knowledge, skills , and activities in order to develop innovations for health and quality of life.

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Stay tuned to what's actually on the innovation marketplace

The life science innovation marketplace offers insights into new products and service offerings or R&D&I collaboration opportunities . You can be an active player to exploit opportunities and build a competitive advantage.

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Find the right organization and expert to collaborate with

The community comprises hundreds of profiles of experts and organizations open and ready to meet your development needs. It is organized to enable easy searching and is supported by intelligent search algorithms to work for you and suggest the best matches

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Build synergy and work smarter

Groups and Networks focus on specific subjects of interest to bring together expertise and activities and create synergy. You are going to be smarter and work smarter.

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Rise knowledge from community programs and events

Get insights, inspiration, and knowledge by either participating in or following the life science community events like conferences, breakfasts, seminars, and training. The Knowledge Base collects reports, training programs, and conference proceedings as valuable resources to support personal development.

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